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(L) Shihan Alwyn Heath 6th Dan
(R) Shihan Cyril Andrews 6th Dan

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 Shihan Andrews at Greece Summer camp
Japan Dream Cup
Award for Shihan Heath

Technical course at Pontypridd Kyokushin
26th Sept 2012
 Results of MOKKO grading at Pontypridd.
Weapon training at Hawthorn
2013 Results of EKO Competition in Lucerne
Report from K3 in Dorking
Report demo by Seven Sisters Black Belts at Children’s fete.  foto’s soon
Some photos from EKO Swiss Competition
2013 Bulgaria camp
26th Oct 2013
Referee seminar / K3 Masterclass Fighting training Gabor Rozsa Disclaimer Document
Results of MOKKO grading Sept

Competition Photos from !KO March    
Competition Photos from !KO Sept  
2013 Extra Photos

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24th February 2015


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